Best-Friendship Bracelets

I used to be obsessed with making friendship bracelets when a friend showed me how, when I was 10.

I made them with cotton as well as acrylic yarn, in a array of colours. I would take special orders from my friends and family using their favourite colours.

Recently I started making them again. I didn’t want to choose just 1 or a few colours, so I chose them ALL. Check them out below.

I chose to do 2 different designs (Chevron and Stripe). [Click on any of the images to enlarge them and find out more.]

As a child and teenager, my friends and I used to have matching bracelets. I tried to re-create this by making “Best-Friendship Bracelets”.

As with all of my creations, these are available on Etsy. If you have questions or special order requests, send me an email or use the Esty message button in any of the picture links above.

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