Rainbow Granny Squares (Crochet)

I am a self-taught crocheter, as well as being a well “established” knitter. I’ve been knitting since I was in early primary school, but I only taught myself to crochet in the past few years.

My new found craft hobby combined with my love for rainbows meant I could create my Rainbow Granny Squares.

I started experimenting with my favourite bright rainbow colours and created these vibrant rainbow granny squares placemats and coasters.
Granny Square Patch- Daytime Rainbow Chakra (RedBorder) - AuntyNise_comGranny Square Patch- Nighttime Rainbow Chakra (PurpleBorder) - AuntyNise_comAs I love everything to be balanced, I had to make the squares starting with red and circling out to purple and vice-verso, starting with Purple and circling out to Red.



The Red Bordered squares reminded me of a warm summer morning, so I gave them the name “Day-time” and the Purple Bordered squares reminded me of a winter sunset, and I gave them the name “Night-time”.

Rainbow Chakra Placemat & Coaster Sets (Red Day-Time) - AuntyNise_comRainbow Chakra Placemat & Coaster Sets (Purple Night-Time) - AuntyNise_com
These placemat and coaster sets are available for purchase on my Etsy Store.Rainbow Chakra Placemat & Coaster Sets - AuntyNise_com


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