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Pastel Butterfly Garland (Bunting) – Crochet

So I’m really getting into creating Garlands (Bunting) lately (as you can see in my previous post of my Hearts Garland). So to continue with the Pastel & White themed Garlands, I’d like to now present my Pastel Butterfly Garlands, which are also available on Etsy or private sale (if you don’t have an Etsy account).

Garland - Butterflies - PASTELS - AuntyNise.comIn the above photo I have chosen 5 pastel colours, which are crocheted into 5 Butterflies. Each Butterfly is joined together with a white crocheted chain. With 2 different hanging abilities, a loop and a tie cable.

Below I have shown 2 close-ups of the Butterflies. Click to enlarge.
Garland - Butterflies (CloseUp) - PASTELS-AuntyNise.com

Garland - Butterflies (Pentagon) - PASTELS - AuntyNise.comThese little cuties are great for a baby shower gift. If you need a gift or decorations for baby’s-room or event, they are great!

They are available on Etsy. Alternatively, you can send me a message and we can arrange a private sale here! If you do have an Etsy account, then head directly to this link to check them out.

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