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Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket COMPLETE -AuntyNise.com
This was a great project to make. I love rainbows and I love Granny Squares.

This blanket consists of 49 squares total – 7 x 7 squares, that are stagnated to show off each matching coloured square diagonally.

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket - ScatteredSquares - AuntyNise.com

This is what I started with. Just 7 squares – one of each colour combination.





RainbowGrannySquareBlanket---FOLDED-Complete---AuntyNise_comThis is what the completed blanket/afghan looks like folded.

It is great as a lap blanket for a small adult, or it’s great for a baby’s cot or pram.




If you want to see more of the construction process and if you would like to see more photos and/or find the pattern for this colourful fun blanket/afghan, you can find it in 2 places;

Etsy: Rainbow Granny Square Blanket on ETSY!
Craftsy: Rainbow Granny Square Blanket on CRAFTSY!

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