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Pastel Heart Garland (Bunting) – Crochet

This week I’d like to present my newest project, which is also available on Etsy or private sale (if you don’t have an Etsy account).Garland - Hearts - PASTELS - AuntyNise.comIn the above photo I have chosen 5 pastel colours, which are crocheted into 5 hearts. Each heart is surrounded by a white border, and joined together with a white crocheted chain.

Below I have shown 2 close-ups of the hearts. Click to enlarge.Garland - Hearts - PASTELS (CLOSEUP-ROUND) - AuntyNise.comGarland - Hearts - PASTELS (CLOSEUP) - AuntyNise.comThese little cuties were originally made for a close-friend’s baby shower gift. I thought they were too cute not to share with anyone else needing a baby-shower gift, or baby-room or event decoration.

They are now available on Etsy. Alternatively, you can send me a message and we can arrange a private sale here! If you do have an Etsy account, then head directly to this link to check them out.

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Crochet Granny Circle Coasters (Rainbow Pastels)

Granny Stitch - Circle Coaster-(Pastels) - AuntyNise.comIntroducing my new design for my coaster collection.

All Available on Etsy.








I have crocheted these using a granny stitch in a circle. The colours that I created are below – Blue, Purple, Pink, Green & Yellow.

Each of these different coloured designs are available on Etsy.

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Crochet Beanie (Granny Circle Hat)

My new favourite beanie/hat. The Granny Circle Hat!

I have created many of these hats friends and family and they are now available on Etsy.
I have also written the pattern for anyone wanted to try it out for themselves on Craftsy.

If you would like to purchase any of these beanies/hats, you can find them on ETSY;
Greys + Different Colours
Pastels & White Beanie

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Pastel Rainbow Granny Squares (Crochet)

Granny Square Coaster (Rainbow Pastel 10) - AuntyNise.com

Making the Rainbow Granny Squares was really fun, I think I’ll be making more of them soon. Possibly even turn them into a blanket or tablecloth. I’ll post about it when I do. Maybe even make a tutorial on how to make it.

A lot of people suggested I try making the rainbow granny squares in pastel colours, which I thought was a great idea. As I didn’t have all the colours of the rainbow I needed, in pastels, I had to buy some. Buying yarn can be a dangerous mission for Knitters and Crocheters. We usually come home with more than actually needed. “I could probably use this colour/yarn for another project. Ye…I should get it. Oh wait, that yarn looks good too. I better get it as well.”

If this happens to any other Crafters, tell me you funny stories. Last time I went shopping for yarn, I came back with a plastic new storage tub to fit my extra yarn in, as my current tub is over-flowing. 😛

Granny Square Coaster (Rainbow Pastel 10Combinations) - AuntyNise.comFor my pastel rainbow granny squares, I decided to make every rainbow colour sequence combination possible using the 5 pastel colours I had, plus white. Which came out to be 10 different squares.

They are the perfect size for a cup/mug coaster. They are a great addition to the Rainbow Granny Square collection, I’ve made for myself.

I loved them so much, I wanted to share them with everyone, including selling them. You can buy them as packs or just individuals. You can find all of these available on Etsy. And if you have questions or special order requests, send me an email or use the Esty message button in any of the picture links above.


Wanna see the Rainbow Granny Squares Post I did? Click the image below;

Rainbow Chakra Placemat & Coaster Sets - AuntyNise_com

Granny Square Coasters & Placemats.

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