About Aunty Nise

Crafts has been one of my passions since I was a child, when I was taught to knit. Since then I have been knitting, crocheting, sewing, creating decorations and making masses of friendship bracelets.

Making Pompoms- AuntyNise_comI became an aunty in 2011, when my sister had her first child, my beautiful niece, Cherry. Every time I visit my sister’s place, Cherry asks me, “Aunty Nise, have you brought your knitting? Can we do knitting today?”, with the most gorgeous excited smile on her face.

Since 2011, my sister has also had a gorgeous son, Tiger. You can check out all the beautiful things my sister loves, sees and does, with her kids only a weekly basis at her photo blog, Cherry and Me . You can also check out the blog post she did on me (Aunty Nise) and Cherry, where I taught Cherry how to make pompoms.

Health and Fitness has also been a passion for me for many years. Head over to my Eating Health & Living Fit Website to find out more!

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